Kandui Resort averages between 16 to 19 guests per trip date. All trips are on a set schedule and are 10 to 11 days in duration. We operate on a fixed schedule due to our remote location, transportation logistics and feel that 10 to 11 days will give our guests a proper amount of time to experience all that Kandui Resort can offer. If you are interested in a trip shorter or longer than 10/11 days, please contact us for availability.

To secure your trip, we require a deposit of $520 US per person. When you click Book Now on an available date, you will be redirected to our secure booking payment page. You will receive an email from our Booking Manager shortly after your payment confirming your reservation and payment.

All pricing is in US dollars.

What's Included

Choosing a surf resort or surf travel destination is a tough decision. With so many options available, it's a difficult process to find the location that best fits each person's needs and it's important to ask what's included in your price before you commit to your trip. No one enjoys rocking up to a resort and being hit with massive, unexpected fees at the end of your trip in addition to what you have already paid. At Kandui Resort, virtually everything is included in your cost, there's no hidden fees and see below for the detailed breakdown of what's included and no included.a

PT Pulau Ombak Indah
Komplek Batang Kabung Asri Blok C/3, RT 04/RW 02
Kel. Batang Kabung Ganting, Kec. Koto Tengah
Kab. Kota Padang, Sumatera Barat

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